Constructing A Mental Breakdown

by Not Your Friends

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released August 28, 2019

voice - fucking fucker
guitar - father fucker
bass - dildo fucker
drums - gym shorts fucker

jake yencik - guest vocals
mixed by owen traynor

all proceeds go to
Pittsburgh Action Against Rape


all rights reserved



Not Your Friends Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Abort
A room full of homogenous
cowards who decide our fate
We’ll smother you in your own blood
Post-castration you’re dead weight

We can never rest
Til all of them are dead

Force your way
into control
I’ll force feed you
my embryo


We can never rest
Til all of them are dead
Track Name: Dermis
Track Name: Sweet Serenity
My flesh is weak
My heart is pounding
I want you to taste me
Catch my sinew in your teeth

You wet your lips
Wipe the spittle off your chin
You’ve been reborn
Hunger for more

Shred me
Tear me apart
Track Name: It Is Happening Again
They felt a disturbance
Movement in the air

She was the next one
Sisters in demise

It was your father
He filled your grave

He didn’t know
Track Name: Dissociation Association
Lip sweat
No breath
Next, death

You will feel a sense of impending doom and may find yourself detached from reality as you float above your body, watching yourself die. Your heart is deafening. Don’t worry. That’s just the sound of your subconscious taking over your bodily function.

Hands shake
Pulse check
Track Name: Three Kings Mafia
He could see it
So could I
Stare at me
With hollowed eyes

To my right, a gentle soul
Just regards my presence
To my left, so aggressive,
An evil force that wants me dead

Spirit in the mirror
So calm on my right side
Demon in the mirror
Right, left

A falsehood
A betrayal
Your anxiety

3 Kings
High Priest
Far from royalty

I’m having trouble trying to sleep, but you make me want to sleep forever
Track Name: Sebastian No
What a decent man
He got a degree
In being narcissistic
It’s a PhD
He has a big old house
That his daddy gave to him
With some misogynistic tendencies thrown in
He’s mommy’s little angel ‘cause he lies right to her face
He’ll regret everything when I put him in his place

Show up at my house again, I fucking dare you
Message me again, swear to god I’ll expose you
I’ll rip out all your teeth and sell them as jewelry on Etsy
Your blood will be my chaser when I chug a fifth of whiskey
I’ll put lye on a toothbrush and I’ll shove it up your dickhole
I’ll store your balls in vinegar because I love pickles
Stalking me is child’s play, been through the fucking wringer
I’ll chop you up and fry you with some onions, motherfucker
Track Name: The Tragedy of Greg
You love an old book
Roll your cigarettes
Sleep next door to me
I know you’ll keep me safe

The way it feels to be with you on a sunny day
Knowing we’re alive and it won’t always be that way
Track Name: Bird Shit Magnet

I’ve never loved anyone more
Without you my life’s incomplete
I hope we’re buried together
Someday I’ll marry you, bitch
Track Name: The World's Fastest Blastbeat
It;s the lyrics to twinkle twinkel little fuck

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